Setelah sebelumnya kami menambahkan fitur Cloudflare dan Attracta SEO kini kami kembali menambahkan fitur lainnya yang pasti akan memberikan nilai lebih.

Fitur hosting tambahan yang telah kami tambahkan adalah Incapsula yang sekaligus telah menjadi Partner GaluhWeb, hampir serupa dengan Cloudflare yang menawarkan CDN namun incapsula disertai dengan fitur lain seperti security dan lain-lain.

Secara garis besar, Incapsula menawarkan CDN, Security dan Analitycs.

Untuk menggunakan fitur ini yang harus dilakukan adalah melakukan aktivasi dicpanel pada Menu Incapsula. Ikuti proses setting dan anda bisa menikmati fitur ini secara Gratis (Versi Gratis). Seperti halnya Cludflare, anda pun bisa melakukan upgrade paket apabila versi gratis belum bisa mengakomodir kebutuhan website anda.

Cara Setting Incapsula di Cpanel


  • How do I Join Incapsula?

    Click the Incapsula icon on your cPanel dashboard. Complete the sign up form, and you’ll immediately see a list of your websites. Switch Incapsula “ON” for each website and…That’s it!

  • Is Incapsula really free?

    YES! When you switch Incapsula “On” for your website, you join Incapsula’s Free plan. If you would like to upgrade to one of Incapsula’s paid plans, Click the “Launch Incapsula Dashboard” button.

  • Will Incapsula make my website faster?

    YES! Incapsula has a distributed network of data centers (POPs) that ensures that every user and website are serviced by the closest POP. This is the same principal technology that is used by most of the large websites to accelerate the delivery of their content through a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Furthermore, Incapsula will make your site run faster and consume less computing and bandwidth resources by caching site data and applying other acceleration techniques.

  • Where are Incapsula’s Data Centers Located?

    Icapsula has a global network of high powered servers. To see a map of Incapsula’s data

  • My website has SSL. Can Incapsula support it?

    YES. When adding an SSL site, Incapsula will lead you through a simple process of supporting SSL.

    Incapsula will automatically identify when web sites that support SSL traffic (HTTPS) are added to the service.

    In order to enable Incapsula to support SSL traffic for such web sites, we will need to generate a certificate for your domain that will be hosted on our servers. In this process you are requested to approve the creation of such a certificate by our certificate provider.

  • What kind of threats does Incapsula protect from?

    Incapsula’s technology intelligently profiles incoming website traffic in real-time, blocking even the latest web threats: from sophisticated SQL injection attacks to scrapers, malicious bots, intruding comment spammers and thwarting multi-Gigabit DDoS attacks.

  • Does Incapsula effect Google Analytics?

    NO. Incapsula will not affect Google Analytics. Google Analytics works by inserting a piece of JavaScript into your web pages. This JavaScript interacts with the Google servers. Since Incapsula does not come between Google servers and your visitor, we have no effect on Google Analytics. Instead, Incapsula sits between your visitor and the web server. So, the Incapsula connecting IP matters for any programs that read logs directly from your web server (like Awstats).

  • What Kind of optimization does Incapsula do?
    Content caching, Incapsula caches web site content on its proxies in order to return resources faster to users and reduce page load time, bandwidth and server load. Incapsula does not only cache static content but can also identify content dynamically generated by the application, which can be cached while it remains unchanged.Compression, An average website page is 100KB to 500KB, depending on its content, structure, functionality and the resources it contains. For content-rich applications, the simple task of transferring the page to the browser can take a long time. Common web servers and browsers support content compression. Configuring the compression of resources on your web server requires complicated settings, technical expertise, and substantial processing power from your web server. Incapsula compresses this content for you, even when sent uncompressed from your server.

    Minification, Minification is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code, without changing its functionality. These unnecessary characters usually include white spaces, new line characters and comments, often used to add readability to the code but not required for its execution. By removing these characters, Incapsula minimizes your website’s size, making it lighter and reducing loading time.